International Specialized Trailers


International Specialized Trailers 

Generation 2016 Wind Turbine Blade Trailers.

IST-53-165BT 3



International Specialized Trailers

Generation 2013 Wind Turbine Blade Trailers


IST-53 BT has been one of the driving forces within the transportation of wind turbine blades. Through the years we've made many modifications to our wind turbine blade trailers. At this time we would like to introduce our NEW GENERATION 2013 BLADE TRAILERS. We  are very excited about this new generation of trailers. 
This trailer introduces a new dual purpose neck.  The new dual neck adjusts to desired load heights allowing you to accommodate for the new generation of wind turbine blades.  This will allow the operator to lower the load height for certain bridges or raise the height for rough job sites or railroad tracks.  The innovation design is unmatched in the industry today.

See our 37 degree turning radius!

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IST 53' Blade Trailer Extension was introduced in 2013. This extension will allow the capability of hauling the new 200' blades.

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