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IST  Wind Turbine Blade Trailer

Model:"The Blade" IST-53' BT 

The IST- 53' BT  Model Blade trailer requires No Forklift, No Crane or Equipment to Extend or Collapse!!!  The new dual purpose neck adjusts to desired load height allowing you to accommodate for the new industry generation of wind turbine blades.  This will allow the operator to lower the load height for bridges or raising the height for rough job sites or railroad tracks.  On top of everything else you can now load the pilot car. Grab your remote, lower front of trailer, load car, raise trailer with remote, back truck underneath, hook up and GO!  Good News for All!!  This NEW neck will retrofit any brand of Blade Trailer!!  And always remember that 37 degree turning radius that we boast of. This IST blade trailer is ingenuity at its very finest. It's been on the leading edge and one of the most proven blade trailers in the field today.  

                 Highlights of "The Blade" Model IST-53' BT 



Specifications   Model Blade IST- 53’ BT 
Capacity 70,000 lbs.
Weight 27,500 lbs.
Overall Length 128’ + 15' Non Load bearing extension, Total length 143'
Closed Length 53’
Overall Width 102”
 King Pin Height 48”
 Gooseneck Swing Clearance 75”
2” SAE King Pin Standard
Main Box Beams 3 sections, adjustable length, 33" spacing along 1st & 2nd beam/ T1 steel flanges, built in stops
Landing Gear (2) 140 k landing gear / Optional Hydraulic landing gear
Suspension Air Ride 
Axles  (2) 25,000 lbs.
Wheels (9) Optional Steel / Aluminium rims, 17.5” x 6.75” HP 8 lug wheels
Hubs 8 bolt " Budds" outboard hub piloted 
Tires (9) 245-70-17.5  (includes spare tire) 
Tire Load Range Load Range J
Spare Tire & Mount Standard
Brakes Airbrakes 12 1/4" x  7 1/2" ABS, auto slack adjuster
Fenders (2) reinforced weight bearing on Gooseneck/(4) on Chassis/Standard
Mud Flaps (4) Standard
Wiring Sealed modular harness/Standard
Shock Mounted Lighting   LED/Standard, (2) removable strobe lights (360 degree)/Standard
Connector 7 pin round
Turn Table Hyd Steering Gas Pony Motor w/electric back-up system, start & stop from pilot car, 37 degree turning radius/Standard
Remote System All functions wireless remote (Start-Stop) 
Bolster (2) Permanently mounted/Standard, w/(8) D-Rings and (2) J-Hooks per side
Taco/Blade Tip Holder (2) Optional / Removeable, w/(6) D-Rings and (2) J-Hooks per side
Tool Box (1) Standard
Flag Holders (4) Standard
Load Bunk (2) Optional / Removable, w/(6) D-Rings w/ (2) J-Hooks per side, ratcheting adjustment
Neck Ramps (2) Front ramps w/traction plates/Standard, (2) Pilot vehicle placement ramps w/traction plates/Standard
Extension 15' Non-Load bearing/Standard
Paint Finish "Black"  Dupont Imron Paint/Standard


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Lower Blade heights for bridges with New purpose neck!!!!!

                                          Raise neck to travel easier in poor site conditions or to clear railroad tracks

Hose wrap, mounted tool box, & optional side mounted taco

                         Optional side mounted taco, pony motor start & stop from pilot car, & spare tire

Low profile neck comes standard with LED lights, front bolster, 2 fenders and landing gear system

                                                  Sharp turning radius of 37 degrees